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Title: Dreamlost Exile

--General Information--
Full Name: Laralle Wiltweed (Formerly Starbloom)
Pronunciation: Laurel (Wreath)
Nickname or Aliases: Wiltweed
Title(s): Dreamwarden

Race: Kaldorei
Nationality: N/A
Age: Mid 50s
Date of Birth: November 25th
Place of Birth: Thal'darah Grove

Claims and Positions: Laralle has been disowned and disinherited.
Affiliations: Cenarian Circle

Place of Residence: Wildlands
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Widowed
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Darnassian, Sylvan, Common
Religious Beliefs: Nature Worship/Paganism

Profession: Herbalist
Character Class: Dreamweaver
Abilities and Special Skills:
Laralle has little skill in the ways of shapeshifting, and sees little point to it due to her ample affinity with her own body. In addition, her connection with Elune was severed, and she has no command over the celestial bodies, nor the moon's light.

Laralle's speciality is her ability to manipulate the world using the Emerald Dream as a medium. In places with a connection to nature, she is able to shift in and out of the Emerald Dream. When within the dream, she can do little to affect things directly, but is able to shape the natural features of the dream and brings their splendour with her into the waking world.

She has a special love of plants, and plant creatures, and has an extensive knowledge of all kinds of greenery.

--Physical Information--
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Teal Green
Eye Color: Dark

Distinguishing Features: She bears a brand of exile under each eye.

Physical Description:
Laralle is short for a night elf, though otherwise unremarkable. Her hair is unusally well kempt, and always held in place with an ornate silver barrett. She bears the dark eyes of a night warrior, but always keeps them covered, and has two marks of exile beneath them. Her hair is a teal green.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Singing, Acting, and Storytelling
Quirks: Laralle is deeply ashamed of her black eyes, and does not show them to others.
Goals: Laralle wants the night elves to turn from the path of the night warrior, as the demon hunter.
Fears: She fears her race is turning to darkness on all sides, from the acceptance of the Shen'dralar, to the demon hunters, and even the newly emerging night warriors.
Weaknesses: Her abilities are highly reliant on the presence of relics of the natural world. Without them, she can do little. In addition, her dream-like energy tends to make her downright irrational at times.

Personality Description:
She is highly expressive in her tone, and is rife with unnecessary twirls and spins to that end. In nature she is whimsically joyful, but when pried from the Emerald Dream's benevolent distractions, she noticeably droops, eventually falling into deep depressions which she has trouble coming out of.

Character History:
Laralle's mother is an Elunite priestess of high standing in the Sisterhood, while her now-deceased father was a druid of the Cenarion Circle of equal status. They birthed her amid the strifes of the time in the hopes that she would become a great hero to her people. As she was female, her mother first sought to instruct her in the ways of Elune. Laralle's ceaseless energy made her an impossible student, which her mother couldn't help but see as a refusal of her way. This caused a bitterness which never really faded between the two.

With prospects as a priestess slim, she went to Thal'darah with her father to learn the ways of druidism. Her training progressed well until the horde destroyed the grove, killing her father and mate in the same calamity. In grief, she returned to her mother and joined the sisterhood. Vengeance drove her through her training, but as she progressed she had a haunting epiphany. In her drive to be what her mother wanted, her smile wilted, and her energy faded. Some part of her was being lost.

When she asked her mother to be let out, she brought forth all the resentment she had built over the years. At the end of the shouting, she was given a mark of exile, and simply told 'go'. Laralle rejoined the Cenarion Circle, though she neglected conventional training. At every opportunity, she would enter the dream and bask in its distractions. Eventually, she ceased to leave the dream, living almost as one of its fae inhabitants, and bringing her very body with her.

She only emerged at the news of Teldrassil’s destruction. Vengeance once more called her to her mother's side, though she had been more wary. She once more picked up the celestial arms of Elune, and joined the sisterhood to retake Darkshore. However, when the ritual of the Night Warrior took hold of her, it was as though she once more realized the part of her which was lost. She was the one to shout her protests at her mother this time, and once more her mother marked her, parting saying, "You are daughter no longer, Wiltweed, less than your fel-taken sister! Elune needs cowards no longer. Go."

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