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--General Information--
Full Name: Teralynne Frostsorrow(Formerly Sunsorrow before being raised as a Death Knight)
Pronunciation: Tear-uh-lin
Nickname or Aliases: Tera', T
Title(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)

Race: Quel'dorei(Undead)
Nationality: Quel'thalas(Formerly)
Age: 225
Date of Birth: 403 K.C
Place of Birth: Quel'thalas, Suncrown Village

Claims and Positions: Former Heir to House Sunsorrow
Affiliations: Grand Alliance, Knights of the Ebon Blade, The Silver Covenant Highguard

Place of Residence: Stormwind City/Acherus, The Ebon Hold
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Widowed
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Thalassian
Religious Beliefs:None

Profession: Runesmithing
Character Class: Death Knight/Spellbreaker
Abilities and Special Skills: As in life, Teralynne was a skilled spellbreaker and adept with her glaive and shield as she kept the magisters of Silvermoon in line before the fall. And these abilities were only magnified in undeath with her unholy anti-magic spells and the spell-resisting runes etched into her skin. Combined that with her skill with dual blades and frost attacks would make her a deadly opponent to rogues mages, cultists and warlocks alike.

--Physical Information--
Height: Average
Weight: 109 lbs.
Build: Toned
Hair Color: Midnight Blue
Eye Color: Glowing Blue

Distinguishing Features: Myriad of Runic Tattoos and Scars upon her figure.

Physical Description:
Standing before you in an imposing and powerful aura about her would be a quel'dorei risen into undeath as a Death Knight. Her skin as pale as the frozen plains of Northrend, with hair that stretched to her shoulders in a rich midnight blue color with traces of white within their highlights as long elven ears poked out from underneath those flowing locks. Teralynne's body would retain the strong, muscular and toned build she had before her dark rebirth into undeath. Her skin was marked by many different scars and runic tattoos that once glowed that now have fallen dark. Her eyes, glowing blue in the iris with small smoky trails coming from them would meet with yours in a vigilant, unyielding gaze.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Reading, Poetry and Writing
Quirks: Very polite for a Death Knight, showing a profound loyalty to her living kinsmen and the recently surfaced Ren'dorei, Often an introvert.
Goals: Protect the remains of the Quel'dorei population and the Ren'dorei, Carry out vengeance against the despotic Sin'dorei and Silvermoon's Magisterium for leaving her to die at the Sunwell. Serve the Alliance banner proudly.
Fears: Having her soul taken from her once more, being enslaved to another
Weaknesses: Weakness to the Light

Personality Description:
In contrast to her more violent-prone and overbearing Death Knight brethren, Teralynne is a quiet, calm, often times cool and collected within herself, only speaking when addressed and if necessary. And when the battle happens upon her she tends to quote old human poetry to show her fondness for the writing arts, like: "If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.", She is shown to be polite and somewhat sociable to her comrades in arms after regaining some of her emotions upon becoming whole again with her soul being reunited with her body.

Character History:
Teralynne Sunsorrow, daughter and heir of House Sunsorrow and proud guardian of Quel'thalas. She served her nation dutifully as a spellbreaker to keep the magisters and mages from compromising the peace of her homeland with their games of power and magical politics. That was until the living dead marched upon her homeland lead by Arthas Menethil. She was amongst the elves protecting the Sunwell before it was destroyed, leading to her untimely death. Many years later when the Lich King awoke once again from his slumber atop the Frozen Throne, Teralynne's body was already taken by the Scourge. And when the specter of death loomed above the world once more, Teralynne was raised into undeath as a Death Knight. It was within Acherus, the Ebon Hold did she learn the intoxicating powers of death at her fingertips, namely as an apprentice amongst many under the lich Amal'thazad. Following the battle for Light's Hope and being accepted into the Alliance once again, Teralynne traveled to the Isle of Quel'danas and reclaimed her broken glaive as a memento of her past life as she carried herself forward past the death of Arthas and beyond to the Burning Legion's third invasion and rejoining her living and unliving kin within the Silver Covenant Highguard, using the remains of her spellbreaker glaive and twin Shadowfrost shards she recovered during the battle within Icecrown Citadel she created twin runic blades and joined in the Highguard's fight against the Legion. Having fought on the Broken Shore with the Armies of Legionfall and on Argus with the Grand Alliance against the Legion's last stand on its very homeworld, Teralynne carved a path of destruction in her wake with the icy chill of death following her, Now embracing her fate as Teralynne Frostsorrow. After the Ranger-Lady Dawnsorrow disappeared and the Highguard was scattered in the outbreak of the Blood War, she goes to join the Citrine Eagle to be amongst her old friend and comrades that she previously fought alongside with, Zaria Blackmoore and Andurius Soulrender.

Nothing else beyond all this! :D

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