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--General Information--
Full Name: Ferinar Sunseeker
Pronunciation: Fer-i-nar
Nickname or Aliases:
Title(s): Lord
Race: Quel'dorei
Nationality: (if applicable)
Age: 160
Date of Birth: november 21
Place of Birth: Quel'thalas

Claims and Positions: Cleric-General of the Highguard (Formerly)
Affiliations: Highguard (formerly) Argent Crusade, Church of the Holy Light.

Place of Residence: Sunseeker Estate
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Understood, or Spoken: Common, Orcish, Thallasian, Taurahe (can understand but not speak)
Religious Beliefs: The Light

Profession: Tailor, Battle Cleric
Character Class: Priest
Abilities and Special Skills: Trained in field Triage, field surgery, combat healing, battle Tactics, the Light, and PTSD aid.

--Physical Information--
Height: 6/5"
Weight: 150lb
Build: Thin
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Entire right side of body is covered in acid scars, left arm is fake, stomach, chest and face are covered in shrapnel scars. He walks with a slight limp, not large enough to be a big notice but enough that it can be an annoyance.

Physical Description:
Ferinar is 6'5" and appeared to be extremely thin even for his races standard the left side of his face was covered in acidic burn scars and assorted cla w and blade scars, where was once always a smile now sits a face that has seen the dark side of the world and has been changed by it his eyes almost seemed dulled by his experiences.

On his left ring finger rests a ring is carved of gold and has a crystal set at its center. Around the stone are the phases of the sun.

--Personal Information--
Hobbies: Tailoring, speaking with patients, enchanting socializing with friends
Quirks: Has a fascination with enchanting cloth. Enjoys spending free time day dreaming.
Goals: To reinforce his faith in the light and leave the world a better place
Fears: The Void, being alone, failing his friends, Heights, Soul magic.
Weaknesses: Void, spiders, High places, Soul Magic.

Personality Description:
Ferinar is a simple man of simple things, he stands strong for what he believes is right and refuses to abandon people on the battle field, in social environments he is awkward but friendly and outgoing, in battle his allies well being comes before his own often putting him in dangerous positions to help.

Character History:
Born in Silvermoon City Ferinar Sunseeker like his older brother Veric spent his childhood on their family ship the Sunseeker however when he came of age he decided to study abroad in Stratholme in the ways of the light during the second war Ferinar returned home to defend the city against the Horde and was abroad during the third war and cut ties with his family when his family became the Sin'dorei and traveled for a time assisting against the scourge before he made his way back to Stromwind to rest and think about his past.

(Sebastian Alt)
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