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Free Write!

The Mind of Madness

"This is allegory. All of it."A man tends to wander. Sometimes through his vessel. Sometimes through his mind. I prefer to do both. Ever since I discovered the constant nature of death, and its realm, throughout the entirety of the universe, or th...
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Free Write!

Kimberly's thoughts

Kimberly sat at the edge of her dim lite room as she leaned back against the wall and stared down at her journal. She had a gnomish pen in hand yet she simply sat there looking at the creamy white pages and their emptiness as she thought about wha...
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Free Write!

A Winter Veil on Argus

It seemed that even the demonic hordes had taken time off in celebration of the Feast of Winter’s Veil, and so since arriving back on Argus, Vasp had little else to do but roam the Vindicaar, trying to keep herself busy, regaling her former comrad...
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Free Write!


Woiven's eyes snapped open with a start. She groaned as she stretched her arms above her head. Woiven swung her legs off the top bunk she had been sleeping in and gave a little push, she dropped to the ground noiselessly. The cold stone of the fl...
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Free Write!

Honor Among Warriors

Danath let the snow around his boots crunch as he chased after an orc, "Stop!" He drew his blade and charged forward. An orc wearing the bearings of a Frostwolf Grunt continued to run from the Knight of the Silver Hand carrying stolen supplies. Th...
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Free Write!

The Pond

The forest of the Hyjal Mountain Range stirred in the wind, leaves carried away in a rustling storm among the strong breeze of the higher region. Just out of the shade of the thriving world tree walked two beings: a towering Ancient cover...
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Free Write!

Javalin Redfield

Javalin Redfield(Just gonna be posting stories about or associated with Javalin here. Not the greatest writer around and I am bound to make plenty of mistakes with both grammar and spelling. But I hope people enjoy it all the same.) A walk through...
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Free Write!

Nizmo’s Whacky Suicide Mission

Nizzington sat down in his red chair and stared out into the emptiness that was space. He smiled. The void always calmed and relaxed Nizmo down after a long day of work. He had been up in space for a couple of months now and he had been enjoying e...
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Free Write!

Flickers of an Ember

Sereli had seen various ghosts lingering about Talongrab. The thought of it was...disturbing for her but not enough to stop her from wandering around. It wasn't the fear that she might see a passed loved one...Rather she was afraid of seeing someo...
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Free Write!

The Goldfinch's Final Song

Gabriel Ortega's body would be in the infirmary, a smile across his face. He was satisfied with the good he did in this world, and welcomed death with open arms. A note would be placed obviously on his body, reading; "Friends, I apologize for my d...
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Free Write!

A Morsin Reunion

Danath walked about Talongrab raising an eyebrow at the several spirits that now walked about. What sorcery was causing this? He had suddenly remembered that it was the Day of the Dead and these were likely spirits that had died near the mountain ...
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Free Write!

Lost and Found

Diane had headed out of the keep after her conversation with Daniel just moments earlier. She couldn’t sleep, with the various injured lying around the keep and the sounds of the Legion Ship blasting the shield overhead. To say it was distracting ...
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Free Write!

Shot Down! Rodrik's Struggle for Survival

Something was very wrong with Rodrik's flight, and he couldn't figure out what. Air defenses from the ship maybe, but figuring out the source of the attack wasn't his main concern any longer. His gryphon was down and he wa s spiraling downwards at...
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Free Write!

Past Demons

Argus. A world abundant with demons, fel, and other unpleasant things. Of course, what was pleasant was always subjective. Some loved the rain, and others hated with it. And often more, it had little to do with the subject itself, but rather the m...
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Free Write!

An Unhappy Reunion

It had been a wonderful night. Splendid even. She had danced for the first time in her life and she was generally happy. She had taken her heels off as she made her way home from Talongrab. She hummed and skipped along the path and twirled her sap...
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Free Write!

The Perch Menu

The Perch has an updated menu, with more than the Lone Wolf! Here, have a look!Appetizers:Food PriceBrewgarden Pretzels 50 coppers Pretzels done like Dalaran’s Brewgarden, soft and easily chewed, salt...
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Free Write!

Shadow's Dream

SindorelI want out."I can get you out, all you have to do..." He'd said that so many times, dangling hope and escape like the rotted carrot before the horse. And the horse, well, it was ever too desperate to notice the blight that had seeped all t...
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Free Write!

How They Got Rich

There are very few people who enjoyed any part of the Northrend Campaign, which saw the end of Arthas, destroyer of Lordaeron. The fierce fighting that raged across the entire continent cost thousands of lives, and spawned millions of stories. T...
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Free Write!

Legends of the White Warden

“As the mountains frost swirled in the gentle light, the great White-wings feathers filled the night. It’s form was but shadow clashing against moon,a peaceful fruit to which it was a boon. A shriek echoing upon the great heights, pleasing the luc...
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Free Write!

Remembrance of a Friend Long Past

Drip, drop, drip, drop. Each orb of water fell to the ground at my feet, making an echo throughout the cell. It seemed so loud, so ethereal. Over and over again it went, seeping through the wooden floor above and down through the broken cracks of ...
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