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Any character journals or personal writings can be posted here.
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Stories and Journals

The Death of Francis Durrat

His name was Francis Durrat and his reputation preceded him. Commander, Second Stormwind Legion. Veteran of the campaigns in Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and Draenor. Twice decorated by the king for valor. Thrice mentioned by name in the bardic e...
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Stories and Journals

Unholy Penance

The midnight sky was shrouded by deep-grey clouds releasing flurries of snow that blanketed the landscape with soft layers of white. One spot towards the top of a high peak was not touched by the falling snow, for a man in deep meditation was si...
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Stories and Journals

A Very STUPID Idea

The Grenade had worked perfectly, several of the carts began to explode as arcane missiles struck them cascading explosions of purple and green. Scorvash smirked as he saw the carts exploding, a gas releasing into the air. A familiar green gas of ...
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Stories and Journals

Jenifleur Wyther's Trial of Compassion

Slacked off a bit and such but figured I should finally post this up.
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Stories and Journals

Keeping Faeth

Nina was too late. Items of various devices were being throw across the great hall of Dawnseeker’s Glade. It sounded as if the war had already begun inside a mere room. Standing in the middle of it all were several of her messengers who she he sen...
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Stories and Journals

Mother - Rendford's Tale

Upon the marriage of Rendford and Jairie, Brethil Greymountain and her sister Doris Fairhill had been whisked from Ironforge’s Great Forge district to a house built in-thanks to her son and daughter-in-law. The Lightstone’s were determined to mak...
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Stories and Journals

Neverwinter Wood

[This story first appeared as part of a contest Jezebel had up. I wanted to preserve it here] 1. Dr. Septimus Proudie looked on as the women tended to the stricken boy on the bed. He was in the city of Neverwinter, several miles from Talongrab, in...
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Stories and Journals

The Ruins with Rend & Rache

[This was a previous taskboard mission / journal entry I wanted to preserve]The camp that Rendford Lightstone and Rachel Jackson had setup was in the ruins of an old inn in Alterac City. The building was a two-story stone building with a dark gamb...
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Stories and Journals

Iron Wagon - A Citrine Taskboard Mission

[This was for a previous taskboard mission that I wanted to clear out of my Google Docs while preserving here for your reading pleasure]1.“Looks like it’s mixing up all the way down the line. Morsin, Belados, and Soulrender have engaged tha convey...
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Stories and Journals

The Field of Strike

It is well that War is so terrible Otherwise we may grow to fond of it. Strife is the anger at the cause of an issue, fundamentally, bitterly. To be wholly and completely engrossed in the belief that the opposition is completely wrong, and will...
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Stories and Journals

Three Steps Back

The first thing that the half-elf had done as soon as the Eagle’s Call had concluded, was sit down upon the edge of the bench at the table, once the snowcaps, and the others had abandoned a single side. Slowly, she had settled herself on the end o...
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Stories and Journals

A Maybe not so Happy Mother's Day

It was an early journey for the half-elf; shortly after returning from her venture through the woods over the past couple of days, Erin had figured it was best that she visited her mother’s graveside. She had gathered a pack from her belongings th...
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Stories and Journals

Chess Away the Madness

Talongrab DungeonsThe clanging of metal bars echoed throughout the halls. The mad creature tore at the bars trying to get them to break and shatter. Scorvash walked by the creature and sighed, “Can I get a mage to,” he began before the creature wa...
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Stories and Journals

An Injured Heart

Sereli had been overseeing the Eagle’s as they trudged through the dark realm of the Void. She had heard the reports of the various findings within the buildings. But her thoughts were...scattered, distant, she knew she should be focused. But terr...
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Stories and Journals

A Feathery Sequel

After the End of the Second War. Alterac was fractured. Alterac became more and more wild. This marked the beginning of the Fall of Alterac."Jackson, you're coming into the Icewing Valley, careful now. Dun Baldar is to the North, but they won't be...
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Stories and Journals

Ari's Mother's Day Venture

Setting aside a time to go out was a luxury between her new duties in The Citrine Eagle and her duties as a mother spent at her home in Flames Rest. But when mentions were made about Mother’s Day slowly creeping up once more, she knew it was time ...
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Stories and Journals

The Rabbit

. . . And march away from the Eagles she did. With the pink, fluffy rabbit nestled comfortably in her arms, she walked along through the Gilnean survivors who wandered the forward command post aimlessly. They all seemed — broken. Those who were no...
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Stories and Journals

The Mind of Madness

"This is allegory. All of it."A man tends to wander. Sometimes through his vessel. Sometimes through his mind. I prefer to do both. Ever since I discovered the constant nature of death, and its realm, throughout the entirety of the universe, or th...
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Stories and Journals

Kimberly's thoughts

Kimberly sat at the edge of her dim lite room as she leaned back against the wall and stared down at her journal. She had a gnomish pen in hand yet she simply sat there looking at the creamy white pages and their emptiness as she thought about wha...
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Stories and Journals

A Winter Veil on Argus

It seemed that even the demonic hordes had taken time off in celebration of the Feast of Winter’s Veil, and so since arriving back on Argus, Vasp had little else to do but roam the Vindicaar, trying to keep herself busy, regaling her former comrad...
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