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Storyline Proposals

[Pinned] Storyline Proposal Submission

Ideas for events, storylines, and campaigns all go in this forum. There's no specific format for this sort of thing, other than answering a few key questions for the officers to consider the idea for follow-up: What is this story about? (Plot, eve...
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Storyline Proposals

Citrine Eagle Broken Isles Expedition

The Citrine Eagle Broken Isles Expedition was a prolonged venture into the Broken Isles, primarily in search of their lost Justicar, Sir Kavid "Slick" McTash after losing him on the outskirts of the Broken Shore a month prior. This goal of finding...
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Storyline Proposals

Alteraci Adventures - A Series for New Heroes

Starting at 7pm server on July 11th, The Citrine Eagle will venture into a new type of adventure. The hitch? The people in this adventure are not Eagles, but they are instead part of the newly created Talongrab Militia, which will protect Talongra...
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Storyline Proposals

Knights of Perenolde

PreludeLong since the fall of the Kingdom of Alterac, a wayward group of holy men and women banded together and hid away deep within the Mountains of Alterac to forge a new future for themselves. Under the guidelines and tenants of the Holy Light,...
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Storyline Proposals

Above the Influence

Campaign by Kavid McTash.Summary written by Leah BlackmooreWithin Alterac, degeneracy and disorder runs rampant. The unchecked syndicate activity coupled with the feeling of the oppressive armies of the Alliance upon the Alteraci people; they need...
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