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Character Journals

Operation Rat Catcher - Rendford's After Action Report

OPERATION: Rat CatcherReport: After Action ReportFiled By: Rendford Greymountain, Private First Class, Icewing BrigadeLocation of Action: Raven’s Peak, AlteracBrief: Private First Class Rendford Greymountain engaged a number of kobolds in the Alte...
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Character Journals

Reinhart's Musings

<A single scrap of journal paper is weighted to an end-table with an ink well. Why you're in this room, or why you're rummaging through his things is unknown. But you read it anyway.>In the past few days, I have asked numerous paladins of th...
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Character Journals

Bornor's journal

The pages among this massive tome are weathered with age and soaked in ink.
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Character Journals

Sereli's Journal

Date: Unknown.Inside of an abandoned house in the Eastern Plaguelands, muffled groaning could be heard from the now conscious Scarlet Captain that she had taken prisoner. That being no small task as the Captain had put up a fight, which wasn't sur...
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Character Journals

The Journal of Allse Kerringer

Becoming bored with running his Barony lately, and having too much time on his hands in between creeping and stealthing around the Eagles and fighting for them, Allse has decided to keep a Journal. A relatively small book, bound in leather with 'J...
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Character Journals

The Exploits of Everlei Rackham

She'd lost everything. She was starting new; Somewhere in the mountains of Alterac. In a room shared with another, sitting on the large table that rested against the wall, a journal lay propped against a stack of papers and books. Brand new, no si...
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Character Journals

Woiven's Libram 2nd edition.

THE THREE VIRTUESRESPECT:Respect is the first lesson or virtue a paladin is expected to learn and practice.Simply put, this is a matter of realizing the commonality of all peoples. Looking past personalbias and understanding the differences, simil...
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Character Journals

Entries from the Journal of Horacea Agnelli

Many who had spent time in Horacea's presence when she wasn't occupied, would understand that she usually had her journal. Her pencil appeared to dance over the pages elegantly at times. Though, sometimes her hand also moved erratically. It all de...
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Character Journals

Libram: The Matriach's Recollections and Thoughts

Bound within the pages of the holy text, the book hummed with a certain power of holy magic. Runes skittered along the edges of each and every page, flickering and flashing before the eyes. Prayers and incantations meticulously written out upon ea...
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Character Journals

Blood Tome: Jolaini's Journal

Entry 1I hope I will not have to write often in this. In truth I thought I could control it, but reality rears it’s ugly head as always. I do not know why I bothered trying to pray to the light, my prayers always fall on deaf’s ears as it is nothi...
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Character Journals

A public service.

An act of public service. As my act of public service, I had went ahead and volunteered at the clinic in Stormwind alongside the High Elves in our Alliance. Though my time there wasn’t too extended, and the numbers of patients I had wasn’t too num...
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Character Journals

A tattered journal: Ulfreinn's scribblings (a work in progress)

Entry one: Not really sure why I'm bothering with this, maybe it will prove useful to reflect upon later, maybe help me with my memory. I think first, it'll be a good idea to note what I DO remember about my past, rather than dwell on the many gap...
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Character Journals

Arlena's Journal

January 3rdSo....I've been in the Eagle for about a week. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I hadn't expected to find such camaraderie so quickly. People here are open and willing to help you. With the exception, of that death knight, Ithalin. He ...
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Character Journals

Journal Entry No. 58 - Continuation

My Light is fading.Where once I stood atop the frigid peaks of Alterac, a believed beacon of hope and virtue for my flock, now I lurk unseen, unheard.. Far from those peaks. My happiness waxes and wanes with the coming dawn, nearly always winding ...
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Character Journals

Kysaerys Silvercrest: Journal at the Azurewing Repose (Part 1/3)

Day 1The dragonflight were wary of me today. I heard whispers about the most recent withered attack on the Azurewing Repose. Even as I walked in I heard the screeching of dying drakes and whelplings. I don’t blame them for not wholly trusting me, ...
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Character Journals

Claire's Final Journal Entry Inside Raven Hill

(Following Claire's short rescue from the catacombs of Raven Hill, she now wields Xi'Tul, Eve Lucroux's cursed dagger. At Shalla'tor Chapel, where Claire revealed her new weapon, she left a single piece of parchment. Velinah Moonwhisper took the p...
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Character Journals

The Personal Writings of Galdorf Lorel

I must admit I have enjoyed my time thus far with The Citrine Eagle. It's had its ups and downs but all together it's been a nice experience. I think I'll stay for quite awhile longer. They've all been so friendly, Sellos, the Highlord, miss Horac...
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Character Journals

Riziyn's Collected Writings

A collection of writings from RiziynIntroductionWe are all brought into this world as an empty canvas. Our experiences create the outlines of the art that life has the potential to be. How grow from those experiences, well that is the color. It ca...
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Character Journals

Robot schematics part one

Day one, entry one: We have just arrived at Dalaran, my how I missed this place, preparations for the war are under way, for now I study all I can, perhaps I can find something to combat the Legion with... More insight on this subject is needed, ...
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Character Journals

Bon's findings/studies/notes on Imps

" Day one, Mid-morning: Greetings and salutations, journal! It has come to my attention that the burning legion is on the rise once more, and as you can predict, this has caused some unrest within our ranks.... But fear not! For I! The Ingenio...
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