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There's much to do in Alterac! Missions, bounties and tasks are listed here! This is a record of old missions.
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Task Board

[Pinned] Taskboard Mission Submission

This is the forum thread made for submitting Task Board missions to be published on the Discord Channel, and in the forum itself.Please use this template!Title - Name of QuestgiverDescription:Objective:Reward: (We can come up with these if you can...
Small Zaria Blackmoore 322d
Zaria Blackmoore5387Small Sereli Morsin 236d
Task Board

[Pinned] Welcome to the Task Board!

Hanging from the wall outside of the keep, a simple board covered in papers full of opportunities and adventures sat. Atop it, a bronzed Eagle's head effigy was placed proudly as it looked down upon the wayward adventurer. This was the Task Board!...
Small Zaria Blackmoore 330d
Zaria Blackmoore1251Small Zaria Blackmoore 330d
Task Board

On the Outskirts - Legion Defense Mission accepted by Sereli Dawnheart

Description: There have been reports of Legion scouts already moving back across Azeroth. This is, of course, to be expected, with the Legion Homeworld now within easy striking distance of all of Azeroth. Find and eliminate the Legion scouts repor...
Small Sereli Morsin 240d
Sereli Morsin2186Small Sereli Morsin 240d
Task Board

Merry Mangling!

Stormpike MissionDescription: A band of Frostwolf Orcs have been spotted near Talongrab. There’s only one thing to do here, kill them all. Defeat them and their leader, no prisoners. If you can, recover any useful intelligence from their corpses, ...
Small Allse Kerringer 261d
Allse Kerringer1145Small Allse Kerringer 261d
Task Board

Intellectual Property

Stormpike MissionDescription: A group of kobolds have discovered a Stormpike weapons cache, including a number of rifles, and have begun to cause trouble around our camps. We need someone to get out there and kill those buggers, or at the very lea...
Small Allse Kerringer 261d
Allse Kerringer1125Small Allse Kerringer 261d
Task Board

Walk me to the GRAVEYARD - Accepted by Shindo

Stormpike MissionDescription: We had a bit of a death in the family recently, old sister Ginny Ironshanks got cut down by one of them Horde rogues while doing battle in the Fields of Strife. But she never left us - in spirit that is. She keeps wal...
Small Allse Kerringer 267d
Allse Kerringer1170Small Allse Kerringer 267d
Task Board

I Can't Get There on my Own - Accepted by Arwin

Description: The old hermit that lives away from Talongrab sent a missive, here it is: "These old bones grow weary, and I think my age is gonna do me in soon someday. But I can't keep on living without a meal in my belly, and I'd like to enjoy wha...
Small Allse Kerringer 267d
Allse Kerringer1140Small Allse Kerringer 267d
Task Board

Commotion - Accepted by Jolaini, Luromir, Danath, etc

Description: There has been a disturbance of the peace in a town of our associates, the Knights of Perenolde. A few Knights within their ranks have continued to preach how they leader is a tyrant under baseless accusation, and it has caused the pe...
Small Allse Kerringer 269d
Allse Kerringer1106Small Allse Kerringer 269d
Task Board

Dun Garok Depths - Accepted by Jezebel

Description: Dun Garok is an old, ruined bunker of the Dwarves - now overtaken by the ghosts and spirits of the Dwarves who fell there, the area remains haunted to this day. This is a call to action to aid in beginning to free these spirits from t...
Small Zaria Blackmoore 289d
Zaria Blackmoore1153Small Zaria Blackmoore 289d
Task Board

Trying to Pay Respect Where Respect is Due - Accepted by Zeus

Submitted by JolainiDescription: So recently I went to check on my mother's grave within Alterac, as I arrived there was a ugly red eredar messing with the dead by raising them with fel magic making them fel tainted like the elven dead in the Brok...
Small Zaria Blackmoore 296d
Zaria Blackmoore1146Small Zaria Blackmoore 296d
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