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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Guidelines for Character Profiles

This forum is made to allow members to introduce their main, or new character into the guild by filling out a profile with important information about the character. For alternate characters, this will be used as a form of enlistment in place of a...
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Character Profiles

Hescha Haldön

--General Information--Full Name: Hescha HaldönPronunciation: Hess-sha Hal-dernNickname or Aliases: HessTitle(s): N/ARace: DwarfNationality: N/AAge: 88Date of Birth: June 27Place of Birth: Ironforge CityClaims and Positions: Templar of the Argent ...
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Character Profiles

Shendris Shadowbreath

--General Information--Full Name: Shendris Shadowbreath-ShadeswornPronunciation: Shin - drisNickname or Aliases: Shen / ShennyTitle(s): NoneRace: KaldoreiNationality: Age: Mid 700sDate of Birth: Around 750 years ago.Place of Birth: Northern Kalimd...
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Character Profiles

Garram Ironbane

((NOTE: I race changed my Warrior and created a new character))--General Information--Full Name: Garram IronbanePronunciation: G (as in “Gate”)-air-rum Iron-heartNickname or Aliases: Garry, BoomerTitle(s): NoneRace: DwarfNationality: Ironforge/Bro...
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Character Profiles

Maizse Covens

--General Information--Full Name: Maizse Avalia CovensPronunciation: MazeNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): The Wayward Scarab | The Southsea ScavengerRace: HumanNationality: LordaeronianAge: Thirty OneDate of Birth: Fall Harvest, 10 L.C.Place of ...
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Character Profiles

Adelara Starfeather

--General Information--Full Name: Adelara StarfeatherTitle(s): IllidariRace: KaldoreiAge: 5732Place of Birth: Brightwater Vale, AshenvaleAffiliations: IllidariPlace of Residence: Currently NoneSexuality: BisexualMarital Status: SingleLanguages Und...
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Jenifleur Wyther266Small Zaria Blackmoore 18d
Character Profiles

Jene Blackhammer

--General Information--Full Name: Jene BlackhammerPronunciation: 'Gen' Nickname or Aliases: J, Little EmberTitle(s): None for nowRace: Dark Iron DwarfNationality: (if applicable)Age: 25Date of Birth: 15 years before the War in OutlandPlace of Birt...
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Character Profiles


--General Information--Full Name: PyroboliPronunciation: PI-ROH-boh-leeNickname or Aliases: Py, PyroTitle(s): The Virulent; The VehementRace: Lightforged DraeneiNationality: (if applicable)Age: Unknown; AdultDate of Birth: Unknown; AmnesicPlace of...
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Rilennia Rimeshard254Small Zaria Blackmoore 18d
Character Profiles

Folgrim Stormflare

_General Info_Full Name: Folgrim Stormflare, of Clan FuryforgePronunciation: Foal-grr-imNickname or Aliases: Stormflare, ShocktrooperTitle(s): Sergeant in the Anvilrage, Apprentice ShamanRace: Dark Iron DwarfAge: 136 Date of Birth: Year 456 Kings ...
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Rachel Emily Jackson234Small Zaria Blackmoore 18d
Character Profiles

Preserver Aetrius

--General Information--Full Name: AetriusPronunciation: AY-TREE-USNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): PreserverRace: Preserver-Class VigilantNationality: (if applicable)Age: Unknown; Adult when he died and was called to serve as a VigilantDate of B...
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Character Profiles

Sinithel Duskwhisper

--General Information--Full Name: Sinithel DuskwhisperPronunciation: SIN-ih-thelNickname or Aliases: "Sin"Title(s): Rift Warden (formerly)Race: Void ElfNationality: N/AAge: 25Date of Birth: 12 August, 7 ADPPlace of Birth: Silvermoon CityClaims and...
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Character Profiles

Elliya Stormglaive

--General Information--Full Name: Elliya StormglaivePronunciation: Ell-ee-yuhNickname or Aliases: EllieTitle(s): NoneRace: Kaldorei(Night Elf)Nationality: DarnassianAge: 2235Date of Birth: 235 years before the War of the Shifting SandPlace of Birt...
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Character Profiles

Archibald Laskard (alt/second main)

Full Name: Sir Archibald LaskardPronunciation: Ar-ch-I-BaldNickname or Aliases: The Quiet OneTitle(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.) SirRace: WorgenNationality: (if applicable) GilneanAge: 28Date of Birth: 2-19-4Place of Birt...
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Character Profiles

Sylara Stormglaive

--General Information--Full Name: Sylara StormglaivePronunciation: Syl-ahr-ruhNickname or Aliases: Syl, Little Flute(From Selyda)Title(s): Illidari, The Widow's BaneRace: Kaldorei(Night Elf)Nationality: Darnassian, Grand Alliance(Enlisted)Age: 2,2...
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Character Profiles

Selyda Stormglaive

--General Information--Full Name: Selyda StormglaivePronunciation: Cell-id-uhNickname or Aliases: Sely'Title(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)Race: Kaldorei(Night Elf)Nationality: DarnassianAge: 2,206Date of Birth: 206 years ...
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Character Profiles

Sebastian Morterero

--General Information--Full Name: Lord Sebastian Morterero the ThirdPronunciation:Nickname or Aliases:Title(s): LordRace: Kul Tiran HumanNationality: Kul TiranAge: 43Date of Birth:Place of Birth: Morterero ManorClaims and Positions: Affiliations: ...
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Character Profiles

Eloisse Seward

--General Information--Full Name: Eloisse Seward.Pronunciation: Elo-wees Sew-ward.Nickname or Aliases: "El", "Elly".Title(s): Warmage.Race: Human.Nationality: Kul Tiran.Age: 42 y/o.Date of Birth: October 18th, -4 L.C.Place of Birth: Stormsong Vall...
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Character Profiles

Ethillak Harrowmire

--General Information--Full Name: Ethillak HarrowmireNickname or Aliases: EthanTitle(s): Former captain in the Argent CrusadeRace: HumanAge: 28Date of Birth: June 7thPlace of Birth: Llovere, LordaeronClaims and Positions: One of many possible heir...
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Character Profiles

Varenu Autumnvale

--General Information--Full Name: Varenu AutumnvalePronunciation: Var-AY-newNickname or Aliases:Title(s): Race: Ren'dorei (Void Elf)Age: 27Date of Birth: August 12, 4 ADPPlace of Birth: Silvermoon CityClaims and Positions: Affiliations: Place of R...
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Character Profiles

Lenneia Crawford

--General Information--Full Name: Lenneia CrawfordPronunciation: Len-eh-uhNickname or Aliases: Title(s): Most of those are from a past life and she figures a new start may be best.Race: WorgenNationality: LordaeronianAge: 43Place of Birth: Capital...
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