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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Guidelines for Character Profiles

This forum is made to allow members to introduce their main, or new character into the guild by filling out a profile with important information about the character. For alternate characters, this will be used as a form of enlistment in place of a...
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Character Profiles

Malan'sath Daywraith

--General Information--Full Name: Malan'sath DaywraithPronunciation: May-lin'sathNickname or Aliases: Mala / "Bird's Eye"Title(s): MisterRace: Ren'doreiNationality: Quel'thalassianAge: Adult (130s)Date of Birth: A long time agoPlace of Birth: Gold...
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Character Profiles

Lane Penely

--General Information--Full Name: Lane PenelyPronunciation: Layn Pen-eh-leeNickname or Aliases: LaneTitle(s): MissRace: HumanNationality: GilneanAge: 27Date of Birth: August 19thPlace of Birth: GilneasClaims and Positions: Last of the Penely Line,...
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Character Profiles

Nora Fairbreeze

Full Name: Nora Blue FairbreezePronunciation: (Standard)Nickname or Aliases: N/ATitle(s): N/ARace: Kul Tiran HumanNationality: Kul TiranAge: 17Date of Birth: August 23Place of Birth: Brennadam, Kul TirasClaims and Positions: Brawler/FrontlinesmanA...
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Character Profiles

Vindicator Taelarra

--General Information--Full Name: TaelarraPronunciation: Tay-lar-ruhNickname or Aliases: Tae'Title(s): Vindicator, The DauntlessRace: Lightforged DraeneiNationality: NoneAge: 22,205Date of Birth: 12,250 years before the great Exodus of ArgusPlace ...
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Character Profiles

Sahir al-Hakim

--General Information--Full Name: Sahir al-HakimPronunciation: Saw-here all-Hawk-eemNickname or Aliases: HackTitle(s):Race: HumanNationality: LordaeronianAge: Early 30sDate of Birth: October 31stPlace of Birth: Lordaeron CityClaims and Positions: ...
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Character Profiles

Erelinda Emberveil

Title: Erelinda EmberveilFull Name: Erelinda EmberveilPronunciation: (Ear-E-Linda)Nickname or Aliases:Ere/Traitor/ExileTitle(s): LadyRace: Sin'doreiNationality: Silvermoon (Formerly)Age:1027Place of Birth: SilvermoonClaims and Positions: None (Tit...
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Character Profiles

Kelyesh Avanta

--General Information--Full Name: Kelyesh AvantaPronunciation: K-eel-yeesh Ah-van-taNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): NoneRace: HumanAge: Twenty-TwoDate of Birth: December Twelfth Place of Birth: TanarisClaims and Positions: Former Captive of the...
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Character Profiles

Thelse Fadesworn

--General Information--Full Name: Thelse FadeswornPronunciation: Thell-sssNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): LadyRace: Ren'doreiAge: UnknownDate of Birth: UnknownPlace of Birth: Suncrown Village, EversongClaims and Positions: Former Lady of House ...
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Character Profiles

Durin Aeducan

--General Information--_______________________________________________Full Name: Durin AeducanPronunciation: Dur-in Aye-doo-kinNickname or Aliases: NoneTitle(s): NoneRace: DwarfNationality: Bronzebeard ClanAge: 45Date of Birth: December 31st, -7 L...
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Character Profiles

Raidivh Castle

--General Information--Full Name: Raidivh Gatz CastlePronunciation: Ray-Dee-Vh Gatz CastleNickname or Aliases: "Raid"Title(s): NA.Race: HumanNationality: StromicAge: 27Date of Birth: December 18.Place of Birth: AndorhalClaims and Positions: NA.Aff...
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Character Profiles

Colette Rivard

Colette Dereaux Rivard, pronounced Co-let • Derr-oh • Riv-Ahrd Race: Human.Age: 29.Date of Birth: August 23rd.Place of Birth: Near the Thondroril River.Affiliations: Church of the Holy Light, variou...
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Character Profiles

Livian Bourne

--General Information--Full Name: Livian Caroline BournePronunciation: Live-ee-un BornNickname or Aliases: Liv; "Theramore's Angel"Title(s): MissRace: HumanNationality: TheramoreAge: 25Date of Birth: April 5, 13 L.C.Place of Birth: Theramore City...
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Character Profiles

Ynett Fulter

Full Name: Ynett FulterPronunciation: yah-net full-t-erNickname or Aliases: None as of yet.Title(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)Race: HumanNationality: (if applicable) Stormwindian.Age: 22Date of Birth:November 9th.Place of...
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Character Profiles

Aodhán Ó Ruairc

--General Information--Full Name: Aodhán Ó RuaircPronunciation: Ay-Oh-Dun Oh-Roo-Air-KNickname or Aliases: RorkTitle(s): CrusaderRace: HumanNationality: LordaeronianAge: 33Date of Birth: June 21stPlace of Birth: Darrowshire, Kingdom of LordaeronCl...
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Character Profiles

Maluko Frosebulg

Full Name:Maluko FrosebulgPronunciation:Mal-oo-koh Fur-ose-bulgNickname or Aliases:"Hot Rock"Title(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)Flame WardenRace:Dark Iron DwarfNationality: (if applicable)Dark Iron ClanAge:57Date of Bir...
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Character Profiles

Kollis Argent

--General Information--Full Name: Kollis Everlee ArgentPronunciation: Coal-usNickname or Aliases: Kol (Coal)Title(s): Spellbreaker for the Argent VanguardRace: Human Nationality: LordaeronianAge: Forty FourDate of Birth: 24 September, -6 L.C.Place...
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Character Profiles

Marielau Solnebren

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Character Profiles

Everett Marwood Rodgers

--General Information--Full Name: Everett Marwood RodgersPronunciation: Ev-er-rett Mar-wood Rah-dgersNickname or Aliases: Rhett. Title(s): Sky Sergeant Rodgers.Race: Human Nationality: StormwindianAge: 25 Date of Birth: April, 21st 603 K.C.Place o...
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Character Profiles

Shindo Malphur

Shindo MalphurDivision: Hath's StandMax HP 11Con+3 +1 (Waist & Chest)Str+2 +1 (Chest)Dex+1Wis+0Int+0Item #1: Boots of BloodyingItem #2: Skeletal ArmorItem #3: Orange BeretItem #4 Baldric of ShieldingAdditionally, I have this for Shindo's TRP a...
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