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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Guidelines for Character Profiles

This forum is made to allow members to introduce their main, or new character into the guild by filling out a profile with important information about the character. For alternate characters, this will be used as a form of enlistment in place of a...
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Zaria Blackmoore2927Small Zaria Blackmoore 1y
Character Profiles

Prefect Rafnir Grimforger

--General Information--Full Name: Grimforger, RafnirPronunciation: Wrath-near (Rafnir)Nickname or Aliases: RafTitle(s): PrefectRace: DwarfNationality: Dark Iron ClanAge: 42Date of Birth: 10/05/-8Place of Birth: Shadowforge CityClaims and Positions...
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Rendford16Small Rendford 3d
Character Profiles

Axelle "Axel" Sinclair

Axelle "Axel" Sinclair - - General Information - - Full Name: Axelle June SinclairPronunciation: Axe-elle Sin-Clay-AirNickname or Aliases: Axel, Tall StackRace: HumanNationality: StromgardianAge: 32Date of Birth: August 9thPlace of Birth: Wolford,...
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Erin Tarinval17Small Erin Tarinval 4d
Character Profiles

Jebediah Freeman

Full Name: Jebediah Daniel FreemanPronunciation: Jeb-eh-dye-ah Free-manNickname or Aliases: DuskwatchTitle(s): RangerRace: HumanNationality: StormwindAge: 28Date of Birth: April 26th.Place of Birth: BrightwoodClaims and Positions: None.Affiliation...
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Character Profiles

Noska Somerwyn

Dragoon Noska Somerwyn--General Information--Full Name: Noska Elisavera SomerwynPronunciation: Noss-Ka Summer-winNickname or Aliases: Title(s): Dragoon, the RevenantRace: HumanNationality: AlteraciAge: 29Date of Birth: November 10, 9 L.C.Place of ...
Small Noska S. 12d
Noska S.118Small Noska S. 12d
Character Profiles

David Magruder

--General Information--Full Name: David Ray MagruderNickname or Aliases: Title(s):Earl, Lord, Master.Race: GilneanNationality: GilneanAge: 35Date of Birth: January 2.Place of Birth: Gilneas CityClaims and Positions: Earl over a piece of land in Si...
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Character Profiles

Aenloren Shaderunner

--General Information--Full Name: Aenloren ShaderunnerPronunciation: Ain-Lor-Ehn Shayd-Ruhn-NurNickname or Aliases: N/ATitle(s): Umbral RangerRace: Ren'doreiNationality: Quel'thalasAge: 133Date of Birth: April 28thPlace of Birth: Silvermoon CityCl...
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Character Profiles

Yulessa Ravenbeak

--General Information--Full Name: Yulessa RavenbeakPronunciation: Yul-eh-ssaNickname or Aliases: Yuni, Yule, Silver Lady.Title(s): High Enchantress of Quel'Danil, Shadowsinger, Lady Of Brightwater.Race: Half-ElfNationality: LordaeronianAge: 32Dat...
Small Yulessa Of Brightwater 35d
Yulessa Of Brightwater128Small Yulessa Of Brightwater 35d
Character Profiles

Vosque Runewake

Artificer Vosque Runewake--General Information--Full Name: Vosque RunewakePronunciation: Voh-s-k Ru-new-akeNickname or Aliases: Vos, VTitle(s): Artificer, ArchivistRace: Ren'doreiNationality: ThalassianAge: 161Date of Birth: January 11Place of Bi...
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Vosque139Small Vosque 49d
Character Profiles

Mira Blackwood

--General Information--Full Name: Mira BlackwoodPronunciation: Mee-rah BlackwoodNickname or Aliases: M'Title(s): Adventurer, Wandering Gladiator, AvengerRace: HumanNationality: StormwindianAge: 32Date of Birth: 596 K.CPlace of Birth: Stormwind Cit...
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Character Profiles

James R Bentley

--General Information--Full Name: James R, BentleyPronunciation:Nickname or Aliases: Title(s): Race: HumanNationality: AlteraciAge: 20Date of Birth: 16th NovPlace of Birth: Alterac Claims and Positions: NoneAffiliations: NonePlace of Residence: Ta...
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Character Profiles

Selena Ashfeather

--General Information--Full Name: Selena AshfeatherPronunciation: Sell-lenaNickname or Aliases: "Wraith" (( Prefers going by this, especially while out in public))Title(s): No Fancy titles.Race: Ren'dorei (( Former Quel'dorei))Nationality: Thalas...
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An'lyen Rosefeather190Member avatar small An'lyen Rosefeather 107d
Character Profiles

Colgra Kinnling

--General Information--Full Name: Colgra Alex KinnlingPronunciation: Kol-grah Al-lex Kin-lingNickname or Aliases: Vagabond of AlteracTitle(s): Blade for hire (formally) | Old Alterac Wanted ManRace: HumanNationality: AlteraciAge: 41Date of Birth: ...
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Deltorro178Small Deltorro 110d
Character Profiles

Marielau Solnebren

Title: Wildfire of Westfall--General Information--Full Name: Marielau SolnebrenPronunciation: Mah Ree Law; Saul Neh BrenNickname or Aliases: LawTitle(s): The Sixth SolnebrenRace: HumanNationality: WestfallianAge: 24Date of Birth: January 9thPlace...
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Character Profiles


--General Information--Full Name: NytalaesTitle(s): Priestess of EluneRace: KaldoreiAge: 3286Place of Birth: Moonwhisper Hallow, WinterspringClaims and Positions: Priestess of Elune, Soldier of the AllianceAffiliations: Guardians of Hyjal, Ebon Bl...
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Jenifleur Wyther177Small Jenifleur Wyther 122d
Character Profiles

Menske Pinkbeard

--General Information--Full Name: Menske Volt PinkbeardPronunciation: Mens-KeyNickname or Aliases: N/ATitle(s): Engineer Extraordinaire (Self-proclaimed)Race: GnomeNationality: GnomereganAge: 47Date of Birth: December 1stPlace of Birth: Gnomeregan...
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Allse Kerringer197Small Allse Kerringer 138d
Character Profiles

Isaac Ophelia

--General Information--Full Name: Isaac Eiddwen OpheliaPronunciation: Isaac Aith-win Oh-feel-ee-uhNickname or Aliases: N/ATitle(s): MissRace: HumanNationality: AlteraciAge: 27Date of Birth: November 27th, 11 L.C.Place of Birth: Strahnbrad, Alt...
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Jensen / Livian1103Small Jensen / Livian 141d
Character Profiles

Ferinar Sunseeker

--General Information--Full Name: Ferinar SunseekerPronunciation: Fer-i-narNickname or Aliases:Title(s): LordRace: Quel'doreiNationality: (if applicable)Age: 160Date of Birth: november 21Place of Birth: Quel'thalasClaims and Positions: Cleric-Gene...
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Character Profiles

Teralynne Frostsorrow

--General Information--Full Name: Teralynne Frostsorrow(Formerly Sunsorrow before being raised as a Death Knight)Pronunciation: Tear-uh-linNickname or Aliases: Tera', TTitle(s): (Miss, Mister, Doctor, Lord, Lady, Sir, Dame, etc.)Race: Quel'dorei(U...
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Character Profiles

Laralle Wiltweed

Title: Dreamlost Exile--General Information--Full Name: Laralle Wiltweed (Formerly Starbloom)Pronunciation: Laurel (Wreath)Nickname or Aliases: WiltweedTitle(s): DreamwardenRace: KaldoreiNationality: N/AAge: Mid 50sDate of Birth: November 25thPlac...
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