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There's much to do in Alterac! Missions, bounties and tasks are listed here! This is a record of old mission postings.
Old and dated Silver Hand posts.
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Old and dated MANA posts.
Old and dated Icewing Brigade posts.
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Snowcap Guidelines

Snowcap Introduction GuideYou’ve just joined The Citrine Eagle! We hope you enjoy your stay.Fresh recruits will be placed in the Snowcap rank. This is an introductory rank for you to better see who we are, and for us to see who you are. This is th...
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Citrine Eagle Induction Oath

As an option of induction into the Order of the Citrine Eagle, aspiring members may either take up a audible oath, or sign into the order under the same principles. The recruiter in question will as the inductee to agree to the following.Do you up...
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