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Daxos St. Cyr

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Sahir al-Hakim

--General Information--Full Name: Sahir al-HakimPronunciation: Saw-here all-Hawk-eemNickname or Aliases: HackTitle(s):Race: HumanNationality: LordaeronianAge: Early 30sDate of Birth: October 31stPlace of Birth: Lordaeron CityClaims and Positions: ...
2 months
Daxos St. Cyr added a forum thread

Aodhán Ó Ruairc

--General Information--Full Name: Aodhán Ó RuaircPronunciation: Ay-Oh-Dun Oh-Roo-Air-KNickname or Aliases: AodhTitle(s): NoneRace: HumanNationality: StromgardianAge: 33Date of Birth: March 21stPlace of Birth: StromgardeClaims and Positions: NoneAf...
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