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Hath's Vanguard is an elite section within the Order of the Citrine Eagle reserved for the group's Upper Echelon, and those who are at the forefront of offering new ideas and developments for the Order as a whole. This group is charged with managing the most critical roles within the Order, taking command when needed, and guiding those under their command at all times.

These members of the upper echelon of the Citrine Eagle are able to take command of a group or situation should the divisional leader of that particular group not be present; allowing for a clean command structure and clear definitions as to who the Eagles may turn to in a time of need.

The current members of Hath's Vanguard are listed in their order of succession.

The Matriarch of the order is the prime representative, delegate, Commander in Chief and leader of the Citrine Eagle. Her role includes delegating these powers to those she sees fit, ratifying documents, approving promotions and ascensions to Knighthood and beyond — and chairs the bi-weekly Eagle's Call meetings. The Matriarch of the order is charge with directing and approving militant operations, and may step into any seat of delegated power should the member of the Vanguard not be present. The Matriarch is the leading force within the order, and has the ability to veto a ruling of a lower power if deemed necessary, among other implied powers to aid in the development, safety, and growth of the Order of the Citrine Eagle.

The current Matriarch of the Order is Zaria Blackmoore.

A successor to the seat of command to the Citrine Eagle if the Matriarch be unable to attend to her duties, the Justicar is the second in command at all times, and the most trusted member of the Vanguard. The day-to-day tasks of the Justicar include keeping members of the Citrine Eagle aware of policies set in place for the safety and betterment of the group, enforcement of Order law, and managing tribunals should someone act in an unlawful manner. The Justicar is also charged with introducing new novices (referred to as Snowcaps) to others, and getting them better involved and preened to prepare them for entering a Division in the future.

The current Justicar is Shindo Malphur.

Commander of the Icewing Brigade
The Icewing Commander takes charge of the regional forces of the Citrine Eagle in the form of the Icewing Brigade; a paramilitary unit purposed with utilizing the unique traits of each general purpose soldier. The Commander is charged with management of the forces of the Brigade, and sees out their progress and promotion within the Icewing Brigade. Finally, the Icewing Commander is charged with managing assemblies to gather input from their soldiers.

The current Commander of the Icewing Brigade is Marcus DeBray.

Chairman of the Magical Association
The Chairman of the Magical Association of New Alterac (informally referred to as the M.A.N.Ager) is entrusted with chairing meetings for the Magical Association in order to implement new practices to aid magic users in their own learning and development. They also provide jurisdiction on magical bylaws and aid in their enforcement for the safety of members of the Order. Aside from this, the Chairman also organizes the Association to create new activities to aid the Eagles in learning to fight back against the dark arts, or utilize rudimentary magical items. Finally, the Chairman also manages the Citrine Eagle reliquary.

The current Magical Chairman is Kysaerys Silvercrest.

Chief Liaison
A diplomat by any other name. The Chief Liaison of the Citrine Eagle is tasked with representing the banner of Alterac abroad, and aiding in legitimizing recognition of Alterac among the Grand Alliance. Acting as the Eagle's main connection to the world away from Alterac, the Chief Liaison is one who is able to relay important news and information between the Citrine Eagle, and the Alliance.

The current Chief Liaison is Kavid McTash.