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Guild Rules

Guild Policies and Guidelines

Three Strikes Policy
The Citrine Eagle functions through a simple three strikes policy. Members who infringe upon any of the listed rules will be given a demerit for each offense. Their first offense will result in the addition of a strike, and a discussion with one of the guild’s Officers about their offense. The second offense will provoke a warning from the officers of the guild, and the third offense will result in officer review for removal from the Citrine Eagle. Members who are kicked are able to re-apply one month after their removal at the discretion of the Officers.

A strike can be forgiven after a month of good behavior.

Note: Demerits can also be dispensed for issues that arise that are not listed on our current set of rules on a case-by-case basis.

Zero Tolerance Policy
There are few rules with express notes that they fall under a standing of “Zero Tolerance”. Zero tolerance means that these rules do not ascribe to the Three Strikes Policy, and will result in immediate removal. The main ones noted in the rules are:
  • Harassment of any sort.
  • Lying to the guild Officers.
  • Publicly speaking ill of other guilds in venues related to Moon Guard. (Say, General, Public Discords, etc.)

The “Revolving Door” Policy
While we are open and welcoming to anyone who wishes to join, we do not allow members to constantly leave and rejoin our ranks at their leisure. If someone is found to have left the guild, and wishes to rejoin — they may rejoin two times before they are restricted from rejoining on the character they originally applied on, or any alts they may have. If you keep an active alternate character in the guild after your departure, this policy will not apply to you.

Alternate Characters
The guild is lenient in terms of adding alternate characters to the roster. After you have applied and gone through a full entry process on one character, you are able to add alternate characters at your leisure. If you would like to have them inducted into the guild on an in-character level, we can arrange for an interview, or create another means for their entry to contribute to their story.

Our rules are broken up into two basic sections that cover a wide range of rules and expectations for general decency. These cover expectations for roleplaying behaviors, as well as general behavior while in our guild.

Section I: Roleplay, Events, and Participation
1) Participation is key to success and enjoyment in the guild and its atmosphere. This is a roleplay guild, we expect you to roleplay in it.
  • This includes regular attendance of events. If there is a reason you can’t make it to them while you’re online, you are free to let us know.
2) Members are expected to have a basic grasp of grammar, and are expected to use proper grammar during roleplay. If there is a reason you cannot adhere to this rule, we are more than happy to accommodate.
  • This rule does not apply out of character, but is appreciated.
  • If you need help correcting your grammar and spelling, we recommend installing the Misspelled Addon from Curse.

3) While participating in roleplay or around others roleplaying, we expect members to refrain from repeatedly going out of character and disrupting any roleplay situation (i.e. events, rp channels or public rp).
  • Outright trolling, counter-trolling, or griefing will result in immediate removal.
  • Repeated offenses of these rules will result in a demerit, as well as removal from events, or restriction from guild roleplay for an allotted amount of time.
4) We expect chat channels to be respected, this includes Raid (IC unless otherwise stated), Guild (OOC), and Officer chat (IC). Please refrain from speaking ooc in /say, we recommend using bracketed text in emotes or take such to whispers.
  • Repeated offenses of these rules will result in a demerit, as well as removal from events, or restriction from guild roleplay for an allotted amount of time.
5) Have a grasp of Warcraft and guild lore, and apply it accordingly.There are ample resources to research key topics in Warcraft lore, and a bounty of information of guild lore on the Moon Guard Wiki.
  • This understanding of lore should also apply to your character development. All characters have limits. Jessica the Undead Succubus Red Dragon who killed the Lich King need not apply.
  • Your actions have consequences. If your character does something bad, expect them to be punished accordingly; we have a set rules and standards icly that we expect to be followed. Failure to do so will result in a ic punishment and expect to have this respected on ooc level.
Section II: Behavior
1) Respect is expected from all members. We don’t have speech-based rules, but common decency is required to maintain a non-hostile environment within the guild. This extends to respecting the roleplay of others.
  • Respect for the officers is paramount. Please adhere to their requests, and respect their judgement. There is zero tolerance for lying to a member of Hath’s Vanguard.
  • There is zero tolerance for harassment of other members.
2) Please keep explicit content private, and between consenting parties. Do not post sexual content in public channels within our guild chats, or on other venues related to Moon Guard that do not expressly permit such. The guild hosts members under the age of 18, so please be mindful.
  • Do not conduct erotic roleplay in public channels.
  • There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
3) Act cordial around other guilds, and individuals. You are a representation of our guild, and we expect you to be a good reflection of our values.
  • Do not speak ill about other guilds, or spread rumors and lies about other guilds and their members. Do not harass individuals outside of our guild, or individuals in other guilds.
  • As a guild we do not (and will never) blacklist any single person or group. Our members are free to speak and roleplay with whoever they like. Please do not claim we have blacklisted someone, or request that we blacklist any person or group.
  • If you have an issue with another group, or a member of another group, speak to our officers so we can try and resolve any transgressions.
  • There is zero tolerance for publicly speaking ill of other guilds in venues related to Moon Guard. (Say, General, Public Discords, etc.)

  • Discord has a set of rules and guidelines as well which can be found on the #information section of our discord.
  • These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Officers.

This page was last updated on October 8, 2017.